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Skip navigation! Story from Sex. This story was originally published on August 21, Tumblr is a useful tool in all areas of life — whether you need help identifying the worst cats , capturing the nuances of ' 90s figure skating , or determining in what ways your favorite celebrity is actually problematic. Tumblr is also a hotbed for sexual, if not downright sexy , content that can range from playful to pornographic. A new blog, launched earlier this week, hits both ends of that spectrum and everywhere in between. Each post to the Tumblr is a personal essay, written by a woman, detailing in her own florid or, depending on the lady, matter-of-fact words how she reaches her climax. Brief, but not to be swept aside. With such a candid first post, it makes sense that its concept was born out of a conversation between two female friends. I felt this surge of adrenaline as I began to confess every detail to her, from the thrilling to the mortifying," she continues, before describing her friend's reactions to her thoughts: "Nods of agreement.
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It's well-established that has been the year of the female orgasm. But that doesn't mean we don't still have work to do. A new website, however, is working hard to close that gap. OMGYES , an online orgasm training program, enlists the help of real women to demonstrate exactly how they make themselves come, using a wide variety of specific techniques. Users can also replicate the exact motions used to bring the women onscreen to orgasm via an interactive touchscreen, providing real-time feedback during what is essentially a crash course in female sexual pleasure. Perkins came up with the idea for the website with his friend Lydia Daniller about four years ago, during a conversation they were having with friends about the elusive female orgasm. To find out what, precisely, gets women off, Perkins and Daniller arranged video chat interviews with hundreds of women about their self-pleasure techniques, 30 of whom ultimately elected to demonstrate their favorite techniques on camera. They also teamed up with sex researchers Debby Herbenick and Brian Dodge of Indiana University to poll more than 1, women between the ages of 18 and 95 about how they give themselves orgasms. The result is an insanely detailed lexicon of various terms and techniques, which are demonstrated in painstaking detail on the website — some of which, the site's founders say, didn't even have names beforehand. Some of these tips and techniques are fairly self-evident — for instance, many women reported that consistency of pressure and rhythm on the clitoris helped them achieve orgasm.

Actually suck on the clitoris instead of flicking it with his tongue like how a cat drinks water. I have so much to learn thelifeofbunches. What about sucking on the clit? Fingering at the same time is always nice, but not in and out, find that gspot and massage it why you lick and suck the clit. I will die. Like if dudes really spread the lips and focused on the clit I would lose my mind.

I dont know about every girl but that mimic-my-dick-with-my-tongue technique doesnt do shit. I hope you men pay attention. Every woman is different but here are the basics to pleasing us. What is this fingering shit? Massage the gspot or get out. We feel nothing with that little stabbing motion.

Also, stop sticking your 2 inches of tongue in there. Come back up to the clit. Stop humming. Most of us use vibrators so that little humming trick you learned from GQ will pale in comparison. Grab us, squeeze us, we want to feel your hands on our body. Esp those of us who love doing it and doing it right….. Guys, you want the goods? Learn to earn it. And please enjoy yourself. This purge is worse than I thought. It completely block the page if you try typing the url address.

I didnt think they would do that. I knew the content would be hidden but to block the page too? To do that, we are making as much noise either side of the 17th as possible, and using the site as normal.

But, on the 17th make as much noise as possible on every other platform. Tweet about it and post on facebook and instagram and everywhere else. What this does is causes a massive dip in ad revenue for one single day.

A boycott reminds a company that the users consumers have the power to make their site business worthless with one single coordinated decision. Protests take commitment. We hold all the power here, sometimes the execs just need to be reminded of that. I went to a Catholic school with no sex ed and your blog taught has taught me so much in a safe, honest and respectful manner. It's helped me with my relationships, definitely improved my sex life, and in general made sex into a fun, normal thing, rather than the taboo act that school tried to convince me it was.

I just want you to know the overwhelmingly positive impact you have had on my life, and that you are so appreciated and will be greatly missed. Thanks for, oh idk, starting my marriage. Thanks again. For everything. I always thought you had better content than most and I loved reading the random asks people sent you. Thank you everyone! Sumptuous Daydreams.

Via padmaddean. Easy S03E03 via fem-the-future. Ladies I have another question for you…. I have so much to learn thelifeofbunches Go slow. Not everything has to be fast paced and crazy all the time Hold my thighs. Like grip them, just firm enough… Yasss that clit flicking shit is not the wave. Like if dudes really spread the lips and focused on the clit I would lose my mind slow down on the flickering thing, that rapid shit isnt pleasurable, slowly running your tongue back n forth tho?

Stop the fucking flicking shit. Focus on the CLIT. Suck it, circle it. Engulf it. If she moans, keep doing that. But pls, do visit thighland. Inner thigh licking and kissing will set us on fire. LONG stokes with the tongue. If you can reach, grab a titty. Do it til we cum or GTFO! Via melanin-enhanced. Via lackinprivacy. On the 17th, dead silence. Make it clear that this is just about tumblr, not a mass move away from all social media. Via yayroos. Q Anonymous asked: I went to a Catholic school with no sex ed and your blog taught has taught me so much in a safe, honest and respectful manner.

A Thank you so much. Via bound A Thank you so much! It has been fun. Via fashionmenow. Via isiyamor. Via birdasaurus. Via frasersridge Observer theme by Zack Sultan.

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